Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Eric Carle Inspired Collages from Suffield and Brimfield

     I don't often do the same projects at both Suffield and Brimfield because I like to do different things!  This one was so successful, though, that I really did enjoy doing it with both schools' first graders.  I love Eric Carle and have tried various lessons based on him over the years.  I often find his process difficult for kids to do well, but this lesson went very smoothly.

     We read 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle and talked a lot about his process to create his collages.  The kids started by collaging tissue paper with liquid starch onto cool colored pieces of construction paper for the water backgrounds. 

     The kids then used cake tempera to paint on top of their collages in places to really make it look like an ocean and a sky.

     We then painted various yellow and orange colors of tempera paint onto warm colored construction paper for our ducks.  I showed the kids a sgraffito technique using the opposite end of their brushes, and they really liked experimenting with that.

     I don't have any photos of the kids drawing their ducks, but I modeled the steps on my white board and they drew with me on the backs of their painted yellow/orange papers.  They then cut the ducks out and used either oil pastels or colored Sharpies to give the ducks their features.  In the future, I might stick with just the oil pastels.  Some of the kids used them additionally on their backgrounds and the results were really nice.

Monday, March 17, 2014

4th Grade 2D and 3D Favorite Foods


     The Brimfield fourth graders did a whole unit on Pop Art (we mainly focused on Lichtenstein) and their favorite foods.  They sculpted their favorite foods out of clay and then began 2-dimensional artworks of the same food.  They painted the sculptures with tempera paints and colored their drawings with markers.  This was a fun but pretty simple unit that worked well during our session where we missed MANY days of school due to terrible weather.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brimfield Craft Week!


   We held a craft week for the last week of my Brimfield session, and it was so much fun.  It was our principal's idea and really turned out to be a fun and positive experience.  The students who wanted to participate came to school early everyday for a week and we made simple crafts that we could give to others to show our love and appreciation for them.  The kids loved it and were excited to come in each day to see who we would be making crafts for that morning.  Here is a run down of the super fun week:

Monday: We made paper chains for the Brimfield Fire Department.  The kids wrote messages to the fire fighters on each link.  They wrote things like, "Thank you for coming to my house when we needed you", "Thank you for protecting us", "I like your cool truck", etc.

Tuesday: We made placements for Brimfield Altercare (assisted living).  The kids were excited to brighten the days of the folks at Altercare!

Wednesday: We made tissue paper flowers for the Brimfield Police Deptartment and put them together to make a really beautiful bouquet.  The police department has a great presence in our schools and we were even able to hand deliver our bouquet to the chief!

Thursday: We made cards for the military.  We are so grateful for the men and women in our military.  Officer Dinkleman (one of our school resource officers) is helping us to get these special cards into the hands of some military service men and women.

Friday:  The kids were so excited to get to make a craft that they actually got to take home!  We made these beach-inspired photo frames for them to take home to their parents!  We have had the world's coldest and snowiest winter, so these pictures were really fun!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fourth Grade Snowmen!

     I have seen pastel snowmen lessons all over the wonderful art education blog world, and I could not resist this lesson any longer!  We too read Snowmen at Night by Carolyn and Mark Buehner.  We studied and discussed Mark Buehner's illustrations and the way he was able to give the snowmen dimension and form by using various color blending techniques.  I challenged the fourth graders to create a pastel snowman scene where the snowman or snowmen were doing some kind of action or activity.  When the pastel artworks were completed, I had them create another snowman scene with pencils, Sharpies, and watercolor pencils.  The students really liked working with these materials after having worked with the challenging, and less detail-oriented pastels.  The kids were so creative with these artworks and we really enjoyed them!