Thursday, October 27, 2016

Text Design Ambition Artworks

     It has been a while since I've updated the blog and I'm so excited to share this neat lesson with you!!!  I have moved more to sharing our work on Instagram (Follow us @suffieldart), but still will post new lessons from time to time here!

     For this lesson, we first did some writing about the students' goals and ambitions for themselves.  I gave them prompts to choose from like, "When I grow up, I will...., I will never...., I always want to....", etc, to help them get started.  While they were writing, I photographed them.  We then looked at Alexandra Grant, Fiona Banner, and Pablo Lehmann; all artists who heavily use text in their work.  

     In their artwork, they were responding to the challenge, "Use your writing and photograph in an artwork using watercolor mediums.".  We used tray watercolors in addition to watercolor crayons and pencils.  We also had lots of mini-lessons and demonstrations along the way in addition to peer critiques.  

     I am so happy with the range of responses the students had in their work!

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