Friday, March 11, 2011

Zig-Zag Paintings: Busy vs. Relaxing

     The fourth graders recently finished "zig-zag paintings" (with Miss Marin Ryan) which show them doing a busy activity from one angle and a relaxing activity from the other angle.  They started the project by discussing the similarities and differences between Mark Bradford's Los Moscos (2004), a very busy multimedia print, and Andrea Zittel's RUAGH Furniture: Lucinda (1998), a calm and serene installation.   After this they learned how to draw "super stick figures" as a skeleton for making realistic pictures of themselves, then painted the scenes with tempera paint.  They paid careful attention to using warm, bold colors and many objects and lines on the busy side, and keeping the relaxed side toned down and simple. 

The photos don't do these tricky paintings justice!  They are really neat to examine while walking down the hall because you see a different scene when you turn around and go the other direction!



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