Friday, April 17, 2015

Portrait Weaving Inspired by Chuck Close

     The fourth graders just finished these cool portraits that we have worked on FOREVER!  We started them when the weather was bad and we missed a lot of school, and then we missed some classes because the kids had rehearsals for their spring program, and we have FINALLY finished!  I am proud of the kids' dedication to these artworks that took so long to make.

    We were inspired by the amazing paintings of Chuck Close and his awesome grid work.  To start, I took photos of the kids and then made them into posters on Picasa.  The kids glued the pieces of their photos to 18" x 24" paper, we folded them in half, and then drew lines every 2 inches apart.  The kids cut on the lines to create warps to weave through.
    They then wove 2" strips of paper through their portraits, and drew the missing parts of their faces.  From here, they traced with Sharpies, colored and made patterns in the background with crayons, and finished by painting with watercolors.  In the photos you can see that I also printed a smaller copy of each kid's portrait for them to use as reference.  


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