Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Kindergarten "Plein Air" and Ceramic Flowers

     We just finished these wonderful flowers in kindergarten.  We are SO happy to see flowers and enjoy warmer weather here in Northeast Ohio!  To get ready to sculpt these 3-dimensional flowers, each class created some "plein air" (creating artwork outside) tulip drawings in our front yard here at school.

     After drawing outside, we came back in and finished the drawings with watercolors.

     For the sculptures, we used small pencils and paper clips as tools.  The students were also able to use alphabet pasta to include their names on their flowers if they wanted.  We painted the flowers with tempera paint after they were bisque fired, and then I gave them a coat each of Mod Podge for some shine!

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Inspired Montessori said...

Never saw clay flowers like this before.
They work!