Sunday, January 29, 2012

Kindergarten Mary Cassatt Double Portraits

     During my last six week session at Suffield, we worked on these double portraits based on the paintings of Mary Cassatt.  Before this, we made self-portraits by drawing with a teacher-led step-by-step process.  So for these artworks, the students were challenged to draw a picture of themselves touching a special adult in their lives.  This idea is based on the many sweet mother and child paintings Cassatt did.  The students tried really hard to remember all of the necessary body parts (including necks which sometimes go forgotten in Kindergarten!), and to remember to not use stick arms or legs. 

     To finish them, the students colored small shapes with crayons and then painted to rest with watercolor paints.  We added titles at the end so our viewers would know who they were looking at!



Patty Palmer said...

I love these and you're right...they never get old!

Marcia said...

Those are so sweet!