Thursday, March 1, 2012

2nd Grade Special Someone's from Brimfield

     We just finished these portraits of special people during my last week at Brimfield.  We had talked about some of the different reasons artists create portraits of other people.  Artists often make portraits of people they care about, so the second graders worked hard to create these portraits dedicated to "someone special" in their lives.
     We learned about basic facial proportioning and tried to draw these important people as realistically as possible.  In the backgrounds, the students drew pictures of things their special person likes or cares about.  We completed the artworks with titles that could tell viewers who the special person is!
     We outlined the pencil drawings with Sharpies, and then painted with tempera paint and tempera Biggie Cakes.  Because many of the background drawings were really small, we colored those with crayons or colored pencils instead of paint.

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