Friday, May 25, 2012

5th Grade Abstract Expressionist Inspired Paintings

     In fifth grade at Brimfield we made these tempera abstract paintings after talking about Abstract Expressionism.  We talked most about Kandinsky's music-inspired paintings, but also looked at Jackson Pollock, Helen Frankenthaler, Barnett Newman, and Willem de Kooning.
     We started with just the primary colors of paint and then we added more options for each class.  I also did a few different demonstrations for various paint application techniques.  The goal was for the students to have their painting be abstract but meaningful.  I made a point to speak with each student at some point during our studio process about what their work was "about".  Many had some really great ideas and some students chose to make artwork that was very personal.  We talked about the mysterious nature of abstract artwork and how it can really lend itself well to personal meaning.

     This was a fun artwork for the kids to make not only because they got to paint so freely but because I also gave them the responsibility of completely setting up the room to paint and then completely cleaning it up on their own.  Students had specific jobs that they did at the beginning and end of each class and they seemed to really like this.

These 18" x 24" paintings are too big for our drying rack, so we used the carpet!

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