Friday, May 4, 2012

Jasper Johns Flag Design Challenge for Fourth Grade

     In fourth grade at Brimfield we are just finishing up these design challenges.  This is a quick,simple lesson that I've done before that gets some really creative results.  After discussing Johns a bit and looking at some of his artworks of flags, targets, numbers, and maps the students respond to this design prompt:

"Using only red, white, and blue stars, stripes, and color fields, create a new and unique design.  How creative can you be??"

As the students work on their construction paper collages we discussed balance and overlapping, and here are some photos of the results!  (I had some scrap-booking-type star hole punches that the students realllllllly enjoyed using too!)

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Hope Hunter Knight said...

I love the flag designs - I used to do something similar but kind of forgot about it - I like your way of doing it and will try to get this back in my repertoire!