Thursday, March 14, 2013

2nd Grade Line Studies

     I was inspired to do this awesome lesson from possibly my favorite art ed. blog, Smart Class!  I adapted it a bit, and  it was a complete success for my Brimfield 2nd graders.  They really seemed to love this artwork, and I've gotten so many nice compliments about the ones displayed in the hallway.
     We first looked at the line-heavy abstract paintings of Alma Thomas, and the representational amazing line paintings of Geoff Slater.  This project was such a fun way to explore the line element of art and I have already been begged by 1st graders to please do this project again next year.  Thank you Smart Class blog for such rich inspiration!

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Christie - Fine Lines said...

I pinned Natalie's lesson on Smart Class, too, but haven't tried it yet with kids. I really like your addition of watercolor -- it accentuates the fluidity of the lines!!