Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ceramic Wall Pockets

    In fourth grade at Brimfield, we made these awesome wall pockets, or wall vases during our last 6 weeks.  We talked about Chinese wall pockets being hung by bedsides with flowers to improve the "scent" of the bedroom.  This very old art form is still popular and still made and sold by potters today! 
    To make ours, we created pockets by attaching the edges of two slabs of clay with some newspaper wadded up inside to create an open cavity.  We talked about line and texture and the kids tried relied on these elements when sculpting their work.  We glazed them with color burst glazes and used Twisteez wire for hangers.  Some students made tissue paper flowers for their vases too. 
    This lesson was a big crowd pleaser....the kids LOVED it and were so excited to take them home!


ArtMuse said...

Love these! Great project :)

Frau Klex said...

A great idea that I'll put on my schedule for next school year! Thanks for sharing!