Monday, November 10, 2014

Back at It!

Last week was my first week back to school after the birth of my beautiful daughter, Clara, in July.

I also loved getting to spend time at home with my two year old, Rex.  But alas, the time quickly came for them to spend some quality days at Grandma's house and for mommy to get back to school and make some art with her other kids! 

I was so incredibly lucky to have the most wonderful long-term substitute teacher EVER.  Mrs. Jen Lonzrick did really great work with the kids and I was able to walk into a happy classroom where kids have already gotten used to working hard at learning about art.  I gave Mrs. Lonzrick various lessons from wonderful elementary art blogs, and here is some of the great work that she did with the students.

The lesson for these awesome fall leaf prints came from Deep Space Sparkle.

The lesson for these pattern pumpkin paintings came from We Heart Art.

This Mondrian lesson came from Deep Space Sparkle.

This lesson, based on the book Sky Color came from Deep Space Sparkle.

I adapted the lesson for these relief sculpture fish (made with Model Magic) from Sax Art lesson plans.

This van Gogh lesson came from Deep Space Sparkle.


Patty Palmer said...

Wow! Now THATS a great sub! Congratulations on your super sweet baby and thank you so much for showing me your pictures.

ArtMuse said...

I just got back from my maternity leave last week! My son was born in June: You're daughter is adorable, and she has sooo much hair!! Good luck getting back into the swing of things!