Friday, March 27, 2015

Texture Painting Update

     I've posted about texture paintings before, but I did these ones a little differently this year.  I did them in conjunction with slab knee bowls.  For these ones, the 1st graders started with copy paper and texture rubbing plates and crayons.  They really just experimented with the plates and some kids colored designs or patterns, and some just did blobs of different textures and colors.  Then they made resists by painting watercolors over the crayon textures.
     We glued the paintings to bigger pieces of construction paper to make frames.  I gave each kid a chunk of Model Magic and they broke it into small pieces that they stuck to the edges of the construction paper.  Like my other texture paintings, the kids used items from their art boxes to make different textures in the Model Magic.  A few pieces fell off here and there as the Model Magic dried, and the kids just glued them back where they belonged!  When the Model Magic was dry, they painted over it with Biggie Cake temperas.  I had them paint black lines at the edges of their resists to add a little emphasis, and they were done!

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1 comment:

Mary said...

Love these! So expressive and unique!