Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Art to Remember Orders Have Arrived!

     I am always so excited when our annual Art to Remember orders come in!  The products are great, the artwork is wonderful, and I get to use part of the money collected to buy supplies for our art program!  Over the years I've done this fundraiser, we've raised enough money to buy lots and lots of art supplies, a digital projector for the artroom (and get it mounted to the ceiling!), a fabulous cart that acts as a very helpful assistant when I display our students' artwork, and some great art prints and supplemental DVD's about art and artists.  I truly appreciate the support that I get for this fundraiser, and so do our young artists! 

Here are a few images of some of the great Art to Remember products:
Night Light, Artwork by Christian W., 2-2

Travel Mug, Artwork by Hayden T., 1-1

Water Bottle, Artwork by Jillian Y., 2-2

Matted Print, Artwork by Aidan J., K-1
Mug, Artwork by McKenzie D., K-3

Teddy Bear with T-Shirt, Artwork by Olivia L., K-1
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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