Friday, December 3, 2010

Student Written Entries

     Sometimes when students have completed their work and have additional classtime, they can choose to write an entry for our blog.  The students can write about anything at all that pertains to art.  Because our time is so limited, the students write to express themselves with the best spelling and puncuation that they can muster, and we leave it as is!  Here are some beautiful writings by Kaitlyn, Austin, Aisley, and Julia in second grade.

"I love art!  When I am at home, I draw or write.  Sometimes I pretend I am an art teacher with my cousin.  We do lots of art projects in the art room.  When I am in school and it is time to go to specials, I think it is art because art is fun, very fun.  In the art room the art teacher teaches us to draw.  In art we have lots of fun!!!"

"I drew a picture of a caterpillar for Mrs. Tannert.  She liked it, and (I also drew) a bee.  I love art.  Mrs. Tannert is a good art teacher.  I love her.  Read me on the computer on Suffield Elementary Art Blog.  See you later."

"I love art.  I am working on an artwork at home.  I drew a picture of a Littlest Pet Shop, cut it out, and put it on a background of its habitat.  I will make a ton of them and give them to teachers and all different animals.  I have made a ton of pictures, just nobody has ever seen it.  Art is awesome.  It brings out my passion.  I draw and it is cool.  I want to be an artist when I get older.  Mrs. Tannert is the best art teacher ever.  She inspires me to make my awesome art."
"I love art.  Art is my favorite special.  When I go to art, I want to draw all day.  It inspires me when I go to art class.  I want the special art to be every day of my life.  I usually do art every day.  All the time I want to do art.  I love when Mrs. Tannert gives us an art project."
"Art makes me feel like I am at home painting.  I like art because you get to paint portraits and footprints.  I want to use pastels on our footprints for coloring, then paint over them.  Art is my second favorite special."


Marcia said...

That is so cool! What a great idea!

Mrs. Tannert said...

Thank you Marcia! These little blog entries seem to work really well for some of the kids who get finished with things a bit early and with up with the dreaded "extra time"!