Thursday, February 3, 2011

Jim Dine Heart Design Challenge for Fourth Grade

     Don't you just love Jim Dine at Valentine's Day?  I sure do, but I'm not always organized enough to get seasonal lessons planned, started, completed, and displayed before the season has passed!  This little design project worked out great as a one-day, in-and-out challenge before my student teacher would be taking over the fourth grade art classes. 
     Before making these beautiful heart artworks, our fourth grade artists learned about Ohio Pop Artist, Jim Dine.  They learned that his numerous heart paintings and prints meant different things to him at different times.  He thought of them as a kind of "landscape", and he used them to show what he was feeling in the moment.  We discussed his work pretty quickly, and then the students had the rest of the class to respond to this challenge:

"Create a design using hearts.  You must use at least two different kinds of art media.  BE CREATIVE!!"

    Each student was given the choice of up to two pieces of drawing and/or craft paper, and I put out a variety of paints, oil pastels, markers, etc.  This also gave me an opportunity to put out my little bag of ribbons and other craft items that we don't get into that often.  The kids really liked this studio and I love the results!

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