Friday, January 28, 2011

Scratch Art Snowmen with Albrecht Dürer

     Before the 4th grade artists began their snowmen (where we relied completely on lines to create our images), they enjoyed looking at some of the incredible drawings and prints of Albrecht Dürer.  We were all amazed by the depth and value he was able to create with line.  After creating a plan drawing on regular drawing paper, the students began scratching their snowman ideas onto Scratch Art paper.  They were challenged to show at least three different values by creating different kinds of scratches or marks.

      For the paper behind their snowmen, the students mixed lots of cool colored paints and really enjoyed making abstract paintings.  They also had glitter glue, glitter liquid watercolors, and acrylic glitter medium to mix in with their paint if they wanted.  When the paintings were dry, they attached the snowmen with 3D Dots.

     These Scratch Art snowmen were inspired by the wonderful Totem Pumpkins from the Fun Art 4 Kids blog by Lori in Montrose, PA!  Thank you Lori!

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