Saturday, March 5, 2011

5th Grade Secret Boxes

Dylan W. 5-3

     The fifth graders just finished making self-portrait "secret boxes" with wonderful student teacher Miss Marin Ryan, where they made boxes using mixed materials to conceal a secret goal or fear.  The project was inspired by Frank Warren's PostSecret program, where people anonymously send in artistic postcards that reveal personal secrets.  Students discussed how sometimes it's okay to keep a secret until they are ready to reveal it, such as a secret fear or a secret goal for the future. 
     They each designed a stamp by making a symbol (using installation tape) for their chosen secret, and stamped it around the border of the box (we used a templates with photographs of the students copied onto tag board).  After that, they learned about contemporary Saudi Arabian artists who often work with the theme of secrecy, and they came up with creative ways to use collage to cover part of the face.  The result is a mixed-media self-portrait box that conceals a secret. 

Nick K. 5-1

Cody L. 5-3

Michael P. 5-1

Kayla M. 5-1

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