Thursday, March 3, 2011

Silent Buddies for Akron Children's Hospital

     The first graders just finished their "silent buddies" project (with student teacher Miss Marin Ryan), in which they made stuffed animals to donate to children at Akron Children's Hospital.  The students learned about how some children are in the hospital for long periods of time and can't always have their family with them.  When they found out that they would be making stuffed animals, or "silent buddies" to help comfort these children when they had to spend time alone, they were so excited for the special opportunity. 
     First they drew the outline of their stuffed animal, then Miss Ryan sewed the outline at home.  The students cut the animals out, turned them inside out, and stuffed them.  Finally the animals were colored with sharpie markers and tags were made to send along with the animal that had a personal note and picture.  The students are so excited to give the silent buddies to these children who will really appreciate them, and I am really proud of their hard work and generosity! 

"Take care of him please." - Savannah L.

     Great job, Miss Ryan, on a wonderful lesson!


Bailey's Leaf said...


Your little guy is so cute. How wonderful for you to make something to pass on to someone who is sick. Darlin', that will make their day!


Aunt Amy

Anonymous said...

What a meaningful project. I am totally copying this! And I love how you used student work for your blog title.