Friday, April 15, 2011

My Community Artworks

     The third grade just completed these artworks that examine the concept of community.  The students thought about the places they often visit in their communities and also the people they often see.  We started these drawing-heavy works with our wonderful art student teacher (Miss Marin Ryan), and we started by drawing the buildings or other places we often visit on the outsides of our papers.  We then drew at least four people from our communities (possibly family members, friends, neighbors, etc.) on the insides.  There really is no top or bottom to these artworks because our communities are not linear and can be thought of and understood from many different directions.

     After coloring our community places and portraits with crayons, we painted the interiors and exteriors of the artworks with contrasting Biggie Cake colors.


Angie said...

These are really nice. I am definitely marking it to try later.

Jojobritt said...

Super cute!!