Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Pinch Pot Silly Fish

     In second grade at Suffield, we just finished these hilarious ceramic fish sculptures.  We started by looking at a Prezi I made about the presence of the fish throughout art history.  (You can see it here.)  We talked about different reasons people make art and discussed why artists might choose to make artworks about fish.

    When it was time to get to work, I demonstrated the pinch pot technique and then how to squish the form a bit to make it more mouth-like.  The students where then set free to add eyes and fins and whatever else they wanted to add to their sculptures.  I challenged them to sculpt something inside the fish's mouth (teeth, tongue, another fish, etc.).  It really was fun to see these funny fish come to life.

    The kids painted them with tempera paint and then I gave them a quick coat of Mod Podge after school to give them more of a glazed look.

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