Thursday, March 29, 2012

1st Grade Delicious Desserts with Waybe Thiebaud

Sara P., 1-1

     We've been working on these yummy-looking dessert artworks in 1st grade at Suffield.  We learned about Wayne Thiebaud and enjoyed looking at his thick, frosting-esque paint application.  I've done variations on this lesson over the years, and I am really happy with these simple versions! 

     We drew cake plates, and then drew desserts (I have lots of photographs of desserts to help) sitting on top of them.  We used rulers to draw the borders and drew simple AB patterns in them.  We colored the desserts and the borders with watercolor crayons and then added water. We then used tempera Biggie Cakes to paint the backgrounds and that was about it!

Bailey E., 1-1

Matthew S., 1-1

Matthew G., 1-1

Chloe V., 1-1

Alexa B., 1-1

Megan S., 1-1

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