Monday, September 16, 2013

Back to School WHIRLWIND! 1st Grade Printmaking and 3rd grade Sunglasses Portraits!

     My goodness have I been busy since school has started up again!  We've really had a great start to our year here at Suffield Elementary, but I just haven't had any time to update my blog with the awesome work hanging in our halls.  I always have a grade level or two make some artwork toward the end of the year that I can keep over the summer.  This way I have something to hang up before the students make new work after school starts.

     I've seen so many great circle printmaking lessons on amazing blogs that I forget where I might have seen it first, so I don't know who to reference!!  The kids really liked this lesson that we spent about three classes on.  I set up different paint color stations, and the kids printed with toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and other circular things I found in the art room.  We finished by printing with our fingers, filling in some areas with paint brushes, and then we cut out the artworks into unique shapes.

     I was first inspired to do these fun self-portraits with sunglasses from my wonderful friend Mrs. Susa who was my cooperating teacher when I student taught TEN years ago.  I cannot believe it was that long ago!!! WHOA!

     Anyhow, I remember that she had done these large portraits with the kids with sunglasses and I just loved them.  I've adapted them a bit, but they always remind me of Mrs. Susa!!

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Meg Walsh said...

Wow! i absolutely love each of these and i want to try them so bad with my students!! awesome inspiration!!