Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fourth Grade Snowmen!

     I have seen pastel snowmen lessons all over the wonderful art education blog world, and I could not resist this lesson any longer!  We too read Snowmen at Night by Carolyn and Mark Buehner.  We studied and discussed Mark Buehner's illustrations and the way he was able to give the snowmen dimension and form by using various color blending techniques.  I challenged the fourth graders to create a pastel snowman scene where the snowman or snowmen were doing some kind of action or activity.  When the pastel artworks were completed, I had them create another snowman scene with pencils, Sharpies, and watercolor pencils.  The students really liked working with these materials after having worked with the challenging, and less detail-oriented pastels.  The kids were so creative with these artworks and we really enjoyed them!

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Mary said...

These look great! Love the shadows.