Monday, April 28, 2014

Jungle Artworks Inspired by Rousseau

     I love Henri Rousseau and it's been a few years since I've done a project about him, so I thought it was about time!  In fourth grade at Suffield, we talked about Rousseau and how he would sometimes look at plants and trees that were accessible to him in France and make changes to them to make them look like they belonged in a jungle.  We learned about the parts of a landscape and then looked at and drew house plants.  The kids altered the scale of the plants to place them in the various parts of their landscapes.  
     They traced their jungle landscapes with charcoal pencils and colored with watercolor pencils and crayons.  After painting water over the watercolor media, they drew jungle animals on other paper and used 3D Dots to attach them to their landscapes.  The kids really liked doing all the different media steps involved with this project!  
     You can see that we used manila colored drawing paper for the landscapes. This is NOT traditional manila paper.  Watercolor crayons and pencils won't work as nicely on manila paper.  We did this so that the animals would pop even more on their white paper.

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