Thursday, May 8, 2014

Color Theory Names

     I've seen lots of versions of this project on various blogs and Pinterest, and here is my take!  The concept worked great for my third graders at Suffield because I focused on color theory for my SLO with them this year.  This was our culminating project where the students used the info we'd already learned about color families to create the artworks.
    They did the majority of the color work with watercolor crayons.  This worked great for mixing the secondaries.  They used metallic gel sticks (School Specialty's version of Slick Stix) around their tint/shade frames and they worked really well.


Natural Woman said...

Good morning,

I noticed you used the term SLO in your description. Many teachers I speak with aren't familiar with this term. Is your school under the McRel system? If so I'd love to ask you some questions about how you are able to do art within this system:-).

Mrs. Tannert said...

I teach art at a public school in Ohio. SLO stands for Student Learning Objective, and this is part of our new evaluation system from the state. I believe other states are starting to have similar requirements, but I am not familiar with the McRel system. Feel free to email me if you want though!