Friday, January 21, 2011

The Tooth Fairy...According to Kindergartners!

     As a follow up to the step-by-step self-portraits our kindergartners previously made, they were challenged to use what they learned about drawing the human body, and they drew the mysterious and rarely seen tooth fairy.  I asked the students to draw the tooth fairy the way she (or he) really looks and to also show us where the tooth fairy lives.  I took some dictation from each student about their artworks, and as you can imagine, the students have some fascinating theories about their tooth fairies! 

My tooth fairy is smiling.  At night, she gets all the teeth and she brings them to her little house.  When she gets home she puts them in a pile of shiny teeth.  And then at the morning time, the teeth go in a palace.  That’s it!

She has her wings and she's carrying a tooth with her.  She forgot to go to the other kid's house, but now she's off work.  She's flying to the busy fairy.  It's night time.  Then she went to her house and she slept and woke up and there was all kinds of things in her house that she didn't know.  That's the end of my story.

My tooth fairy is going outside.  She is going to find a tooth.  She puts the teeth in her house.  During the day, she goes outside and finds more teeth.  She finds them on the ground.  She has a family.  She has a sister.  They like to play checkers.

My tooth fairy likes teeth and she likes to pick flowers.  She likes to go to people’s houses and get their teeth.  She likes the stars.  She uses her wand to get to people’s houses.  She sneaks the teeth out from under their pillows.  She likes her family.  She likes to read books to them.

My tooth fairy lives in a school.  There is a bubble coming out of the school.  She takes the teeth into the school and the moon shines on it and the stars.  She likes to collect teeth.  She has a lot of wings so she can fly better.  The flags wave when somebody lost a tooth, and that's how she knows.  She has a mask on just in case the teeth are smelly.  There is a big tooth that she accidentally dropped.

He can fly.  I don't know why I made him a boy.  He has short sleeves and it's night time.  He keeps the teeth in a basket.  Then he puts them in his house.  He keeps them in a drawer.  He doesn't have a family and he doesn't need friends. 

I like my tooth fairy because the sun rises in the morning, like right now.  I like my tooth fairy because the castle is pink and purple.  I like my tooth fairy castle because it has flags on it.  She gets teeth and then she turns them into presents and then gives them to the kids.  I like my tooth fairy because her house has orange windows.
     The kids colored the small shapes in their drawings with glitter crayons, and then they painted with regular and metallic watercolor paints.

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